Join us for the Fit Malaysia launch at Dataran Merdeka, KL on 7 September 2014.
We’re giving away exclusive Fit Malaysia goodie bags for the first 200 to register,
so choose your activities and let’s get started!

You can only choose one event from Run or Cycle. For cycling events, please bring your own bike.

10 KM Fit Malaysia Run
5 KM Fit Malaysia Run
21 KM Fit Malaysia Cycle
14 KM Fit Malaysia Cycle
7 KM Fit Malaysia Cycle
Urban Self-Defense
Muay Thai
Body Combat
Mind & Body
Cross Training
Boot Camp
Wheel Chair Dance
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FitMalaysia activities have the following in common; no additional equipment is needed, they’re easy to learn, they’re effective, can be done alone or in a group, they’re not time-consuming and they’re not costly.

These programmes will showcase elements of sports science and sports medicine, with health checkups, fitness tests, nutritional advice, and workout programmes all available for the people to enjoy. We’ll also have sports equipment and apparel sales by our sponsors and invited partners.

The programmes serve to bring people together to exercise and learn the latest ways to get fit and stay that way.

  • How much is the entrance fee?

    Unlike almost all other sporting events, FitMalaysia activities free! Sign up so it's easier to get processed, or show up on the day and register for the events.

  • What do I wear?

    Comfortable and appropriate sportswear. 

  • Will food and drinks be served?

    You can purchase food and drinks at our F & B area. 

  • Will there be any FitMalaysia merchandise on the day?

    Yes. FitMalaysia merchandise will be on sale this Sunday.

  • What if I'm UnFitMalaysia?

    That's why we want you to come on the day. Our trainers will show you the best ways to train, and our nutritionists will advise you on the best food for your body.

  • How do I get information on the day itself?

    There'll be info counters at Dataran Merdeka. Just look us up on the map!

  • How do I sign up for the Run?

    Fill in your details on the Website!

  • Is this a competitive run?

    Prizes will be given for the 10KM Run, and the 5KM Run will be a fun run without any prizes.

  • Do I collect anything beforehand?

    We'll drop you an email on the 1st of September with the details of the collection time for the bibs for both the 10KM and the 5KM run. The collection will be held on Friday (5th of September) and Saturday (6th of September) in Bukit Kiara.

  • How do I sign up for the Ride?

    Fill in your details on the Website!

  • If I haven't decided to ride, can I ride on the day?

    Yes you can.

  • Is this a competitive ride?

    No it isn't. This is a Fun Ride.

  • Do I need to bring my own bicycle?

    Yes you do.

  • What's happening here?

    We've got 3 activities on the day:

    • i. Reebok One Fitness Challenge
    • ii. Cross-Training
    • iii. BootCamp

    The Reebok One Fitness Challenge will start at 9.30am, where competitors will pit themselves against each other to see who's fittest. Participants will be eliminated before we get to the Final, which will be held at the Main Stage at 1pm. 

    The Cross-Training and BootCamp sessions will be an all-day activity. Participants have to register on the day itself and will be informed which time slot in which they will take part. 

  • What is this?

    The Fitness Challenge is powered by Reebok. Participants will register on the day and will match up in a series of fitness challenges against each other in the quest to be crowned Fitness Champion. 

  • Can anyone sign up for it?

    Yes, but this is arguably one of the tougher activities on the day and we would advise you to be at a decent level of fitness before you start. 

  • What is this?

    This will be a Cross-Training circuit administered by trained fitness professionals. 

  • What is this?

    This will be a BootCamp circuit administered by trained fitness professionals. 

  • What's happening here?

    Skateboarding, In-Line Skating and BMX. It's an all-day activity so you can watch our skaters and riders on this or try it yourself. Don't forget to bring equipment though!

  • What's happening here?

    A mix of activities throughout the day. There will be activities in which you can take part in and ones in which you can watch Malaysia's finest in their respective disciplines. For the latter, there will be opportunities for audience participation.

  • What's happening here?

    A mix of activities throughout the day. All fitness activities here are ones that you can take part in.

  • What's happening here?

    The area will be curated by the National Sports Institute (ISN) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). We'll be highlighting the latest in sports science, medicine and nutrition. Participants will be able to measure their body-fat percentage, get nutritional advice and learn the best ways to keep fit.